Futures Fins Byron Kurt fin for SUP- Paddleboard House, Indialantic, FL

Futures Fins Byron Kurt fin for SUP- Paddleboard House, Indialantic, FL

Price: $120.00

The Futures BYRON KURT SUP Fin is designed by Byron Kurt for open ocean paddling performance. Kurt is a 2X US stand up paddle champion and recently took 1st place at the Santa Monica Paddleboard race ahead of Jim Terrell. He is the co-founder of the World Paddleboard Association.

This fin will give the user light weight all around stability and performance in all conditions from the beginning paddler to the Elite racer.

“I wanted to help design a fin that would fit the needs of most paddlers, one fin for all conditions. The generous base will provide the stability needed without sacrificing speed from surface area drag and give the fin enough rake (curve back) for maneuverability in the surf and in downwind conditions” ~Byron Kurt

The Byron Kurt sup fin is also designed with a subtle entry flange that will not catch kelp or weeds and is made with carbon honeycomb construction to provide a stiff lightweight all around performance fin.


Challenge yourself by taking on open ocean conditions. The moderately laid back templates are balanced to give you enough rake to ride swells, with just the right amount of tip overhang so that cross chop does not buck your board. Combined with Futures efficient foils, these fins are the ultimate tool for overcoming all ocean conditions downwind, upwind, and cross chop.

•Height: 9"
•Area: 43.22 sq in
•Material: Carbon Fiber


The Byron Kurt sup fin is designed to have great stability and maximize strokes per side. Also great for racing in and out of surf zones and turning buoys. The carbon base keeps the fin stiff enabling the board to remain tracking while reducing the amount of times you switch your paddle hand. The graduated flex towards the honeycomb tip allows for easy turning at those critical times.


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