Cor Ceiling Rack for SUP

Cor Ceiling Rack for SUP

Price: $49.99

The COR surf Ceiling Rack is great for stand up or prone paddle boards, surfboards, long boards, kite boards, wake boards. It's made of durable powder coated black galvanized steel with a protective weather resistant foam to keep your board safe and ding free. You can also put ladders, fishing rods, or anything with some length that you want to get up and off of the floor.

Store your Stand-up-paddle board overhead or on the wall!

Utilizing a 180 degree bend the COR Ceiling Rack securely stores and displays your Stand-Up Paddle Board to the ceiling without complicated straps or cables. The rack opening is 10-1/2”, while the length of the support bar is 20". The COR ceiling rack will hold any size SUP.

The Cor Surf Ceiling sup rack is easy to install. The set includes two arms, screws and easy-to-follow instructions.

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