Paddleboard Rentals and Demos

Melbourne, Indialantic (321) 676-9773

We have plenty of paddleboard rentals from 7’10″ – 11’6. The 11’6 will float someone in the 250 lb range.

We now have 12’6″ and 14′ Raceboards as well! (Call for availability)

Paddles, tie down straps, personal flotation devices,  and leashes are included in the price of the  rental.

Water shoes, and sunscreen are recommended.


Rental Rates are as follows.

  • $ 30 – 3 HR
  • $ 50 – Full Day ( 9am – 6pm Monday-Thursday ) 9am – 9pm (Friday-Saturday)
  • $ 75 – 24 Hour Period
  • Hold on to your receipt ! If you buy a board, we will credit your rental against the purchase of  your board. 


Being on a barrier island we couldn’t ask for a better location for standup paddle ventures. We have the option to paddle in the river or the ocean. We recommend paddling in flat water for  your first time. Wind speed and direction as well as ocean conditions will determine where you will paddle.  Ask one of our knowledgeable staff where the best option for paddling would be based on current conditions.

Standup Paddling can be a lot of fun.  However  if not practiced safely and responsibly with etiquette and  respect in the water things can go south pretty quickly. These are big boards. Common sense and being aware of your surrounding environment  is key  to ensuring the safety of you and those around you, making sure a great time is had by all  ! Always  follow the below guidelines when paddling and your SUP experience should be a great one.

  • In the ocean avoid crowded locations.
  • Do not paddle where there are swimmers.
  • Paddle away from packs of surfers.
  • If you and another surfer and/or paddler are going for the same wave,  the rider closest to the peak of  the wave has priority. Give up the wave !  There are plenty more.
  • Always start your paddle heading into the wind. This will ensure an easy  paddle back to your starting point.
  • If you feel like you get in a situation where wind is significantly slowing you down, lay down and paddle like you would on a surfboard. Place the paddle blade under your chest.
  • Do not paddle in  shore break. Shallow water and stand up paddle boards don’t mix.  Avoiding the shore break is also a good way to avoid unnecessary injury.
  • Always check the weather before going for a paddle.
  • Always paddle with a partner
First come, first served on the rentals. If you want to reserve multiple boards (3-4)  during the week you should give us a call 24 hours ahead of time.  If you want to rent on the weekend, contact or call us to reserve. 321.676.9773 


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